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Mahrokh Targhibi Bonderson 

artist, painter and writer

my art, my life, my love

My admiration for Vicent Van Gogh and Sohrab Sepehri inspired me to paint, although I am neither one of them. It is the ancient land of Persia, Iran, with its exceptional richness and great mythological culture that has made me who I am today. It is my art, my life, my love. One day in 1983, with a heavy heart and consumed by family tragedy, I picked up a brush and started to paint.

I have been a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association since 1983. I have received many awards and have been recognized by the known artists in my community. I have never had a formal lesson and as stated in the Santa Barbara News Press on January 19-25, 2007 by Josef Woodard, my “exuberant, unrestrained paintings are thickly laid with paint, swirling impressions and ornamentations. We get the sense of being lost in loud thoughts, as demanding as they are ambiguous”. My work is a reflection of my strong sense of belonging to my land, the anxiety of the loss of a country, and the longing to bring it to life and keep all of its natural glories vivid. For these reasons, my favorite acknowledgement was being called a “raw talent” by my peers who could see my passion for my homeland.  


Creek Lost $ 300 001.jpg


Creek Lost
in the Hills

24" x 30"


winter in mi 2.jpg


Winter in the North

17" x 21"


Trees and Hills at Night 001.jpg


Trees and Hills
at Night

24" x 30"


Darband Cottage on the Cliff 001.jpg


Darband, Cottages
on the Cliffs

24" x 36"



Rolling Hills two 001.jpg
Rolling Hills

24" x 36"



Mahrokh Targhibi


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