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Mahrokh Targhibi Bonderson 
artist, painter and writer

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my art, my life, my love

my story

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I paint to keep my memories and my love for Persia alive

I have always loved to draw and paint. Someone once called my work raw talent.  All my notebooks in school always contained drawings and sketches.  My first love was black and white ink drawing and in high school, I also worked with water colors.  I have never been schooled in the Arts but I have always been an artist in mind, in writing, in painting and in my views.

I admire Dali and Picasso although I can never paint like them. Two artists have affected me the most.  My theme is inspired by Sohrab Sepehri, a well established Iranian artist and poet who only painted the sceneries of Iran.  The other is Vincent van Gogh, with his masterful use of nervous brush strokes and the heavy texture and the use of lots of oil colors. I identify with van Gogh and even though I can never be the genius he was, I feel the nervous energy and haste to finish fast.

I have absorbed the air and the sceneries of my homeland in my memory and in photos that I have taken.  That is the theme and the substance of most of my work.


Except for three very personal and dramatic paintings all the rest of my paintings are sceneries of my homeland Iran.


I paint for myself and I feel honored to be a recognized member of the Santa Barbara and Goleta Art Associations since 1983.


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Mahrokh Targhibi


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